11/25/2016 07:21 EST

Hipster Nativity Scene Includes Selfies, Segways And Skinny Jeans

Yes, beer was involved in the making of this idea.

What would a modern-day birth of Jesus look like?

According to one U.S. company's, uh, vision, it would have a whole lot of selfies, skinny jeans and Segways.

Modern Nativity is selling a "hipster nativity set" for US$129.99, which is around $25,000 Canadian dollars with the current unholy exchange rate. (OK, fine, it's actually $175, but you get the point.)

The hipster nativity set is all yours for a mere US$129.99. (Photo: Screenshot via Buzz60)

The set includes new mom Mary holding a coffee cup while a khakis-wearing Joseph takes a family selfie with their baby Jesus. The stable they're in is, naturally, solar powered.

The couple are flanked by three wise men on Segways holding Amazon boxes. A young shepherd, cast in a shape to forever upload a photo to Instagram, is also a part of the set. His tags of choice? "#babyjesus #nofilter" He is, of course, standing next to a "100% organic" cow eating gluten-free feed.

Idea came after a 'few beers'

And if you're thinking this is an idea that can only be hatched at a bar after a few rounds of beer, you're absolutely right.

"This product started (as all good products do) at a happy hour with our friends," the company's co-founder Casey Wright told CNBC.

"After a few beers, we started joking about how religions would be different if their sacred texts were set in modern times. From there, it quickly snowballed into what the nativity would look like in 2016."

Wright told the Toronto Star the response to the hipster nativity set didn't have a middle ground.

“It’s usually, ‘This is hilarious. I need one,’ or ‘This is sacrilegious. I hope you burn in hell,’ and (there’s) almost nothing in between those two extremes,” he said.

Sounds like an accurate description of 2016. Happy holidays!

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