Michael Bublé Son: Noah Is Getting A Hatchimal For Christmas

Thanks to his determined aunt!

Thanks to his aunt's perseverance, Michael Bublé's son, Noah, is getting the most coveted of gifts this Christmas: a Hatchimal.

Brandee Bublé, who is a children's book author, posted a photo of the hard-to-get toy to Instagram along with the comment: "Spent hours looking at every possible store that sold toys in Vancouver, got on waiting lists, only to find one on Craigslist, an hour away from where we live & twice the price...but we got Noah the Hatchimal that I promised him! Tia & Tio pulled through! And I think Mike may be more excited than he is!"

Three-year-old Noah was diagnosed with cancer not that long ago and is undergoing treatment.

In a statement, the Canadian singer said: "We have a long journey in front of us and hope that with the support of family, friends and fans around the world, we will win this battle, God willing.”

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