11/26/2016 10:13 EST | Updated 11/26/2016 10:42 EST

Fidel Castro's Rare Public Appearance At 90th Birthday Shows Leader's Frailty

He was an elusive figure in the last decade.

Fidel Castro was an elusive figure in the years since he stepped down from power due to a then-unnamed illness.

The former Cuban president, who died Friday, fell ill in July 2006, and handed the reins temporarily to his brother Raul. Fidel Castro officially resigned in 2008.

Castro largely disappeared from public view, making only the rare appearance. He emerged recently for the occasion of his 90th birthday in August, appearing at a gala at Havana's Karl Marx Theatre with his brother and others. Castro appeared frail and was seated for much of the event, according to the BBC.

Watch the video to see Fidel Castro's appearance at his birthday celebration.

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