11/28/2016 05:10 EST

Oval Face Hairstyles: 10 Sexy Haircuts You'll Want To Rock In 2017

2017, here you come!

With 2016 coming to an end (thank goddess, are we right?) you've probably already started thinking ahead to 2017 and the fresh start you want to have.

Drink more water? Yes. Wash your face every night? Yup. Get a great new haircut? You bet.

Out of those three, the easiest might just be finding the perfect hairstyle. And if you have an oval face, well, the video above is your perfect guide to landing the sexiest haircut of 2017.

For all you with an oval face out there, like Rihanna, well congratulations, there are plenty of haircuts that will look fabulous on you. Oval faces are versatile with their slightly wider cheekbones and narrow forehead and jaw. This means, you have the perfect shape to rock everything from sleek bangs to wavy bobs, Kate Middleton's layered curls to Emma Watson's pixie cut.

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