11/28/2016 04:50 EST | Updated 04/27/2017 01:03 EDT

Adult Life Hack: The Best Solutions For Keeping Nasty Office Germs At Bay

Your cubicle is dirtier than the office toilet seat. Really.

A study by the University of Arizona shows that there are 400 times more bacteria on your work space than on the throne and that keyboards are a breeding ground for those germs. They can have up to 60 times more bacteria than the loo.


Shared dishware and utensils can be prime real estate for germs too. And that plastic refillable water bottle you love? You may want to ditch that as well, as it may be crawling with colony-forming units of bacteria.

While you may be a bit grossed out after learning these facts, we’ve got a couple amazing solutions for you.

Watch the video above to discover five hacks to keep yourself safe from germs at the office.

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