11/29/2016 11:42 EST

Dad's Desperate Search For Blue Cup Ends In Best Way Possible

After U.K. father Marc Carter pleaded with the internet to help him find a blue Tommee Tippee cup for his son with autism, the manufacturer responded in the best way possible.

Tommee Tippee will create a lifetime supply of blue cups to give to Carter’s 14-year-old son, Ben.

While the manufacturer no longer produces the cup, BBC reports that Tommee Tippee searched its factories around the world to find the original mould. It now plans to produce 500 cups for Ben.

This is a significant, as the teen refuses to drink out of anything other than his exact blue, two-handled cup.

On Twitter, his father explained: “Ben is 14 and has severe autism, he's non-verbal and has very limited understanding. Since the age of two he has drunk exclusively from a little blue Tommee Tippee two-handled cup.”

While Carter has tried getting Ben to drink out of a new replacement cup, the teen won’t go for it. “Ben throws them at us,” the 42-year-old dad said. “People say he will drink when he's thirsty but two emergency trips to A&E with severe dehydration say otherwise.”

After Carter’s post went viral with over 14,000 retweets in one day, it caught the attention of Tommee Tippee, who announced they were searching their headquarters for Ben’s cup.

Now that they’ve found the original mould, a spokesman for the manufacturer told BBC: “We are delighted to confirm that we are able to start production on a run of the original cup. This will ensure that Ben has a lifetime supply and that his family won't ever have to worry about finding another cup for Ben.”

Carter also announced the exciting news on Twitter and YouTube.

“It’s a shock and a surprise and it’s just a bit bizarre really that they’ve managed to do this,” he said.

Ben received his first delivery of cups on Friday.

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