11/29/2016 11:04 EST

Calgary Woman Shot And Killed By Police

CALGARY – A woman in her 30s is dead after the tenth police-involved shooting in Calgary this year.

Police say officers were called to a location in a southwest neighbourhood around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday for a woman screaming.

When officers arrived, they saw a woman further down the street, banging on car windows and building doors.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, which looks into police actions, says the woman was carrying two knives, one in each hand.

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A woman in her 30s is dead after the tenth police-involved shooting in Calgary this year. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

A confrontation occurred between an officer and the woman, and one of the officers – who has been on the force for one year, according to Calgary police – shot at the woman.

She was in life-threatening condition when she was taken to hospital, where she died.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident and/or taken video to contact ASIRT at 403-592-4306.

This latest officer-involved shooting is among five this year that have resulted in a fatality.

Last Thursday, ASIRT announced it had cleared Calgary police of any wrongdoing in a shooting that left a man permanently disabled and in a wheelchair.

Morgan Thompson was shot twice on March 21, 2015, after he taunted demonstrators at an anti-racism rally.

Investigators said police were trying to talk to Thompson to give him a ticket when he walked away quickly and crossed the street against the light.

When an officer initially approached the suspect in an alley, he was punched in the head and pulled out his baton. Thompson allegedly pulled out a pipe from behind his back and held it over his head. The officer pulled out his service revolver and fired four shots.

Susan Hughson, the team's executive director, has said it's concerning the city has more shootings this year than any other major city in Canada.

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