11/29/2016 05:03 EST | Updated 12/12/2016 02:43 EST

Vegan Food Is The Furthest Thing From Bland. These 3 Ingredients Are Proof.

Because life's too short to eat bland food.

While being a vegan means you can only eat plant-based foods, that doesn't mean your meals have to be boring!

But don't take our word for it. YouTube food personality has a few tricks to take those basic veggies to a whole new level.

Using foods like cashews, miso and nooch, you can create a plethora of dishes that give you the same creamy taste of dairy you may crave and can even add a nice savoury kick to your favourite plate.

Watch the "2 Minutes To Transform" video above to find out more on how you can spice up your vegan dishes.

Bon appetite!

Two Minutes To Transform" is your guide to small but meaningful changes for a better you. Experts share their tips to transform your life at home, in the office or while you're on the go -- all in under two minutes.

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