11/29/2016 05:04 EST | Updated 12/12/2016 02:42 EST

Vegan Protein: Here's A List Of 13 Easy Sources

Edamame, green peas and tempeh are all protein-rich. Get some.

While some people panic about their daily protein intake, YouTube creator Lauren Toyota wants you to take a deep breath.

And although she maintains a vegan diet, don't think she isn't getting her fair share of this essential nutrient.

According to Toyota, most of us don't require as much protein as we think we may need, and we definitely don't need to get it solely from meat.

Black beans, tempeh, lentils, tofu, green peas and other plant-based foods are all great sources of vegan protein, according to the YouTuber. So you can swap the chicken for some chick peas the next time you make your favourite dish.

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