11/30/2016 11:39 EST

Netflix Now Lets You Download Movies And TV Shows So You Can Binge-Watch Off-Line

A new feature from Netflix promises to take your binge-watching problem habits to another level.

The streaming service announced on Wednesday that its users can now download TV shows, documentaries and movies so they're available off-line.

Limited to mobile app for now

Want to watch the entirety of "Stranger Things" and crap your pants on a plane? Deal.

Itching to follow the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown" while you travel underground in a dingy subway like the rest of us simple peons? Sure, why the hell not.

The feature is currently available for select movies and shows, but the company says more downloadable choices are on the way.

There is one catch: the new option is limited to the Netflix app on iOS and Android devices, so off-line binge-watching on your laptop is still out of reach — for now.

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