12/01/2016 12:58 EST

Cat 'Burglar' Gets Locked Inside U.K. Bank, Twitter Has Field Day

It would have been the purrfect crime.

It would have been the purrfect crime.

Alas, there were no clean getaways for this particular cat who found itself trapped overnight inside a U.K. bank.

According to the Mirror, the animal snuck through the branch's front doors and hid in the reception area, avoiding detection until the bank had closed for the evening.

Things were looking pretty grim for the feline until a passerby spotted the confined cat.

But not before they decided to tweet about it first.

The photos started a row of pun-tastic tweets (which you can see in the video above)

The good Samaritan also did the responsible thing and called local animal rescue services for advice on how to help the fenced-in feline.

"The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told us to leave a note in the bank explaining that the cat was trapped in there overnight and to make sure that he is safely taken home," the Samaritan told Metro U.K.

Bank staffers later told local media the cat was later safely let out early Wednesday morning.

Maybe stick with online banking next time, okay?

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