12/01/2016 06:21 EST

Edmonton Police Release Video In Hate Flyer Investigation

Have you seen this man?

Edmonton police have released surveillance video of a suspect who may be responsible for slipping hate flyers into mailboxes around the city.

In October and November, residents in several neighbourhoods were shocked to find anti-Islamic flyers when they went to collect the mail.

Some flyers read "I hate gays, thinks Islam” and included a photo of two men with nooses around their necks. At the bottom was the hashtag "#ShipThemTheF**kBack."

Other flyers called for Islam to be banned.

Police are conducting an investigation into the willful promotion of hatred, which is an offense under Canada's Criminal Code.

“The situation is not getting better and it’s not fizzling out, it’s only getting more and more extreme, judging from the contents of the flyers,” Aurangzeb Qureshi, spokesman for the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council, told the Edmonton Journal.

The surveillance video is from an Evansdale home on Oct. 22.

It shows a black male, wearing glasses and a hooded sweatshirt, slip a flyer into a mailbox.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Edmonton has seen a number of racist incidents over the past few weeks. In November, anti-Sikh posters were found on the University of Alberta campus, and posters promoting the alt-right, a U.S.-based white nationalist movement, were posted around the downtown core.

Activist Jesse Lipscombe said the increase in racist incidents in Edmonton is exhausting.

“Fear wins when there’s an absence of education," he told Global News.

"If you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you’re full of fear, you have to justify it somehow and sometimes they do it with posters like this."

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