12/02/2016 04:20 EST | Updated 12/02/2016 06:52 EST

Derek Duval, Ontario PC Hopeful, Says Party Disqualified Him Over Alleged Hamster Video


An Ontario Progressive Conservative hopeful says he was disqualified from a nomination race after being accused of filming a man eating a hamster.

Derek Duval was running to be the party's flagbearer in the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russel. On Wednesday, he posted a lengthy Facebook post alleging he was pushed aside for the party's preferred candidate, Amanda Simard.

Derek Duval alleges that the PC party disqualified him over a video he made.

Duval said he brought 1,200 new members to the party, a figure he claims is much higher than Simard's.

"Seeing no other outcome than me winning the nomination, the party made the decision to disallow my candidacy - using the flimsy excuse of a video I was part of many years ago." Duval wrote.

That video was a "mockumentary" Duval worked on for a charity hockey tournament "many years ago."

The 35-minute clip, which he shared in his Facebook post, included footage of hockey games, interviews with players and a whole lot of locker room and after-party shenanigans.

It also included this:

(Photo: Derek Duval/Facebook)

Let's see what we have here.

  • Hockey players in a locker room: ✔
  • A hockey stick: ✔
  • Someone eating something from a hockey stick: Uh, sure why not? ✔
  • A hamster: ???

Duval said he informed the party it was actually poutine on the stick — and not a hamster.

"Those facts didn't matter," he wrote. "They made their decision long before they even saw the video. Our campaign was unfortunately doomed from the start."

PC party spokeswoman Tamara Macgregor told the Ottawa Citizen that the nomination committee has a "vetting process that it adheres to," but wouldn't offer any specifics on Duval's case "out of respect for privacy.”

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