12/03/2016 17:33 EST | Updated 12/04/2017 00:12 EST

Adam Baldwin looks to past for musical inspiration

Adam Baldwin looks to the world's goings-on for inspiration in writing his songs.

Baldwin will be performing songs from his new album No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five) at Louis' Pub in Saskatoon Tuesday night.

For Baldwin, a picture remedied his writer's block while working on this album and took him to a very specific place in time.

"I saw this photograph on the internet of a man and a woman having what looks to be a heated argument on Fifth Avenue in New York City," said Baldwin.

As a mental song-writing exercise, he tried to build a whole song around that picture. From there, the writer's block was lifted.


As a child, he always read the newspaper to keep up with the world's events. He sees knowledge of current events as crucial to writing the best songs.

"I think songs sometimes … it should at least start conversations," said Baldwin. "It's not necessarily to solve any of the world's problems, but at least you get a discussion going around it."

In this album, he tackles issues like online bullying and sexual shaming in a song titled Rehtaeh.

"That song comes from a really honest place and I was deeply disturbed by the things leading up to Rehtaeh Parson's death and things subsequent to her death," he said.

"I'm a father of a nearly two-year-old girl, but also because I'm a father of a four-year-old boy. My son will grow up … and it's up to me as a father, and up to everyone as fathers, to make sure that our sons don't grow up to abuse our daughters I guess."

Baldwin said audiences can feel the emotions poured into that song when he plays it live.

"It's nice as a songwriter for people to hear the words to that song more than any other [song]," said Baldwin.

"I really do think that we're doing our young daughters of this world a great dissatisfaction and a great injustice by the way we treat sexual assault in our court rooms, and in legislature, and even at the kitchen table."