12/03/2016 18:31 EST | Updated 12/04/2017 00:12 EST

BASE jumpers legally leap off 35-storey building

It was a beautiful day to jump off a building.

That's what BASE jumper Kelsey Fry had to say, shortly after launching herself off the top of the 35-storey Pearl Tower.

Fry and fellow BASE jumper Peter Kozak and hurled themselves off the residential tower in Oliver to kick off an upcoming fitness convention.

After a slight delay due to wind, it took Kozak, a professional BASE jumper with more than 4,000 jumps under his belt, about 34 seconds to parachute down to the ground below.

"It was fantastic," Kozak said. "To do a safe base jump from a building you need to make sure the conditions are optimal for it. We just kind of waited on the winds for a bit, and then we had an opportunity to go.

"Everything went perfect and safely."

Despite temperatures covering around 0 C, Fry said the jump didn't feel too cold — it's the waiting around that stings.

"But once you're in flight, it's go time. It's fun," she said.

Kozak is a presenter at the Great Canadian Fitfest happening in February. It's the first time the event will be held in Edmonton. The goal of the convention is to encourage Edmontonians to get fit and to introduce attendees to new sports and activities.

Kozak will talk about his journey to become a professional BASE jumper.

"These guys are the definition of passion and fitness for their sport," Great Canadian Fitfest founder Steven Capp said of Kozak and Fry.

"They love what they do and they've taken it to a level where its an extreme expert level, but they all started somewhere. They started with skydiving and started taking it to that level where their passion brought them to this."