12/03/2016 15:08 EST | Updated 12/04/2017 00:12 EST

Montreal man happy to be home after kidnapping ordeal in Libya

A Canadian man who was abducted in Libya says he feels lucky to be alive, and back home with his family in Montreal.

But Frank Poccia tells The Canadian Press that things still aren't back to normal just yet.

The 52-year old Poccia was working on a project at Libya's Ghat airport when he and two Italian men were kidnapped in September by masked gunmen.

  • 2 kidnapped Italians, 1 Canadian freed in Libya

The three were driven into the Libyan desert where Poccia says they spent the next seven weeks confined to small rooms.

He says they were fairly well treated by their captors, whom he suspects were gang members rather than terrorists.

The Italian-born Poccia says it was hard not being able to contact his wife and children, however, the day of his release may have been the most terrifying of his ordeal.

Poccia says he believed he and his fellow hostages were about to die when they were ordered at gunpoint to lay on the ground.

But rather than being murdered, the three were driven to the airport and freed.

Poccia says he doesn't know whether a ransom was paid or what role the Italian and Canadian governments played in securing his release, although he believes Italy took the lead.