12/03/2016 16:24 EST | Updated 12/04/2017 00:12 EST

More than 100 people join search for missing Bryan Balong

With piles of posters and a set plan, more than 100 people took to the streets around Winnipeg searching for 33-year-old Bryan Balong.

Balong has been missing since Nov. 22. His brother Brad organized the searched with the help of family and friends.

"I am hopeful, everybody is here. We are just going to keep searching," Brad Balong said.

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Bryan, the father of two young girls, was last seen at his home on Leila Avenue near Salter Street. His family says he had been struggling with his mental health and they're concerned for his well-being.

Volunteers checked in at an organizer table where they were assigned a search group and were designated one of 20 different areas of the city to scour for a clue about Bryan's whereabouts. Particularly, Brad said the help of the Bear Clan Patrol has been invaluable.

Sitting at the organizer table checking in the volunteers, Bryan's cousin, Chadd Ticzon, said he is trying to remain hopeful, but it's difficult.

"Bryan, if you figure things out, if that's where you are, we miss you, come home," Ticzon said.

"We will help out. We are not here … for any judgment. We just want you home. We miss you."

Brad said he was overwhelmed with the amount of people that showed up at Margaret Park School Saturday morning as the gym transformed into a search headquarters.

"There are a lot of familiar faces but at the same time there is a huge number I've never met before," he said.

"I am just very grateful that they were able to come out."

"Our search area is further than we have been able to search as just family and friends," Brad Balong said. "I am hoping that we will find him."

A poster blitz for missing teacher Kevin Dilk will also take place over the weekend. On Sunday, volunteers will be hanging posters throughout the city looking for information about the 50-year-old man who has been missing since Nov. 23.

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