12/05/2016 02:38 EST | Updated 12/05/2016 05:56 EST

DyQuain Rogers, Missing Pennsylvania Man, Believed To Be Found Dead Inside Grandmother's Attic

DyQuain Rogers died by suicide, according to a coroner.

The body of a Pennsylvania man missing for more than two years may have been in his grandmother’s attic almost the whole time.

Mummified remains, believed to be of DyQuain Rogers, 21, were found by his grandmother last week in the attic of the home they shared in Erie, Penn., according to the Erie Times-News.

Zanobia Richmond called police Wednesday after she heard a thump in the attic and found the body, according to the newspaper. Coroner Lyell Cook said he would rely on dental records or DNA to determine if it is Rogers.

Cook told the New York Post that he died by suicide, and that there’s nothing to suggest otherwise.

DyQuain Rogers went missing two years ago, and officials believe his body was found in his grandmother's attic. (Photo: DyQuain Rogers/Facebook)

He said he rarely sees cases that involve mummified remains.

“The lack of airflow and the fact that the attic wasn’t vented — those conditions were optimal for dehydration and mummification.”

Officials didn’t release the man’s cause of death, but sources told the Post it appears he hanged himself.

The clothing he was wearing was different from when his grandmother said she last last saw him on Nov. 1, leading police to believe that he came back to the home at some point later, according to the Erie Times-News.

Police believe he was in the attic for most of the time he was missing.

Rogers was living with his grandmother when he disappeared. (Photo: DyQuain Rogers/Facebook)

His family was shocked by the discovery.

"I just kept pretending like he just left Erie, so I just kept focusing on that, that he left here, that's what I kept saying," mother Carol Rogers told Erie News Now.

His aunt, Erica Jeffries-Jordan, told the Erie Times-News that her nephew, who had dreams of either joining the navy or becoming an emergency medical technician, didn't seem suicidal.

Rogers posted on Facebook a day before his grandmother last saw him, saying he had been having the "worst luck lately."