12/06/2016 05:29 EST

Warren Beatty Kids: Celebrity's Description Of Parenting Is Spot On

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are the proud parents of four kids.

Beatty is so proud, that his family was featured prominently during his recent acceptance speech of the Kirk Douglas Award for career achievement.

“I became a devoted husband and father 25 years ago, and I have to say they have been the most enthralling years of my life, with our four fantastic kids,” Beatty said last Thursday after receiving his award.

The couple's kids are pretty much grown. Their oldest Stephen Ira is 24, Benjamin is 22, Isabel is 19, and their youngest, Ella is 16.

Annette Bening, Warren Beatty and their youngest daughter Ella attend a tribute to Bening on November 16, 2016.

Beatty's best quote, though, was his spot-on description of parenting.

Prior to the award ceremony, the actor turned producer and director told People magazine: “We are married now for 25 years, and we have these four, what I like to call small eastern European countries that we negotiate with, and we send ambassadors, and we negotiate, and they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me -- they, and her.”

In an interview with AARP magazine, Beatty took a more reflective tone on his parenting style.

"I always knew I wanted to have children. I wanted to do it well, and I wanted to do it with someone who felt the same way. I'm an attentive father, I have to struggle somewhat not to be overly attentive. It's a burden to be the child of not only one famous parent, but two."

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