12/07/2016 01:41 EST | Updated 12/07/2016 03:40 EST

Montreal's Christmas Tree Is Being Mocked Around The World

Well Montreal, you tried.

Inspired by New York City’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree — an 83-year-old tradition — Montreal set out to raise a massive, awe-inspiring tree in the city’s downtown Place des Festivals.

Instead, the city inspired something else.

The tree was sourced by tree delivery company Sapin MTL while Canadian Tire supplied the lights, according to Tourisme Montréal. Sapin reportedly worked with Just For Laughs to source and install the lanky thing, so maybe this is all a gag?

It has even inspired its own Twitter account, @SapinLaid, which means “ugly tree” in French.

And it’s so controversial it’s made headlines across the U.S. and overseas.

But not everyone hates the perfectly imperfect 26-metre fir.

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