12/08/2016 11:36 EST | Updated 12/08/2016 11:40 EST

Elf On The Shelf Ideas: 20 Naughty Photos Adults Will Appreciate

Don't show the kids!

Drinking, smoking and general mischief — this is not what the traditional Elf on the Shelf is known for.

But for adults who have a sense of humour, or adult kids who are over the whole "Santa is real" thing, there are so many completely inappropriate things to do with this doll.

Now traditionally, Elf on the Shelf is meant to watch over children to make sure they behave, but if these photos prove anything, this elf is doing a lot of the misbehaving.

Check out 20 of our favourite finds from Instagram below and be warned, they are probably not safe for work.

Yep it's 5 O'clock somewhere! #naüghtyelfontheshelf 😂😂😂

A photo posted by Josie (@josiesbook_escape) on

Naught elfs been at it again... #naüghtyelfontheshelf #naughtyelf #lovemyboy #christmas

A photo posted by Chris Truman (@mr_t2015) on

No words! #tatemodernlondon #artinstallation #naüghtyelfontheshelf #naughtyelf

A photo posted by Sam Freeman (@rosadiorhairaccessories) on

Elf on the vodka #naüghtyelfontheshelf

A photo posted by olivillette (@olivillette) on

#naüghtyelfontheshelf #naughtyelf #badelf

A photo posted by Gerard Butler (@gb19861) on

That #naüghtyelfontheshelf

A photo posted by mrhurtfull gaming (@mrhurtfull13) on

#naüghtyelfontheshelf #elfonashelf2016 #elfonashelf #day3

A photo posted by 👸🏻Stephanie Ann Weaver 🎀 (@hellostephy_08gt) on


A photo posted by Nathan Maloney (@nathanmal76) on

#anditbegins #naüghtyelfontheshelf 😂

A photo posted by Laura Mosedale (@lauramosedale) on

Any excuse!! This the season to be jolly apparently. #naüghtyelfontheshelf #daythree

A photo posted by Dean Ray (@ray_rays_the_word) on

Elf is getting his finances in order for the 25 days ahead. 😬 #naüghtyelfontheshelf #dayone

A photo posted by Dean Ray (@ray_rays_the_word) on

And so it begins #ShittyDad #ElfOnTheShelf #naüghtyelfontheshelf

A photo posted by chunk (@justsayng) on

#itsthattimeagain #naüghtyelfontheshelf

A photo posted by Trevor Fultz (@trevorfultz) on

Elf On The Shelf. #naüghtyelfontheshelf In this episode "Chippies" Skittles lab got busted.

A photo posted by Chris Hill (@tvs_chris_hill) on

Curt KaBang helping out this morning with the lemon juice.. #naüghtyelfontheshelf

A photo posted by Rocksalt Bar & Restaurant (@rocksaltgladstone) on

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