12/09/2016 02:41 EST

This Is The Most Popular Baby Name Of All Time

Some names never go out of style.

Some names never go out of style, but over the years, there’s one moniker that keeps cropping up.

According to U.K. family heritage site Find My Past, the royal name William is the most popular baby name of all time. Watch the video above to find out where the moniker has ranked over the past 100 years.

The site noted that top boy names have changed very little over the past century. This is likely due to the tradition of passing names down from one generation to the next. This custom began back in the 18th century, which resulted in over 50 per cent of boys being named William, John or Thomas.

While some families passed down names to their daughters, Find My Past found that girls names trended based on what was fashionable, rather than traditional. As a result, the top names Mary and Edith from 1911 have been replaced by Amelia and Olivia today.

Flip through the slideshow below for more classic baby names.

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