12/10/2016 04:32 EST | Updated 12/10/2016 05:27 EST

Walmart Anonymous Donor Pays Off Layaway Accounts At Pennsylvania Store

A Pennsylvania store received a US$42,265.59 cheque from "Santa B."

Customers at a Pennsylvania Walmart received one heck of a holiday surprise after a Secret Santa paid off their layaway items earlier this week.

Rather than using credit or installment billing programs, shoppers at select U.S. stores can opt to pay for store products over time. These layaway items are kept in-store until the last payment is made.

Walmart manager Ryan Kennedy spoke with the anonymous donor last week when he was asked how much the amount owing was in the store’s layaway accounts.

An employee places an item into a shopping bag at a Walmart store in Burbank, Calif. on Nov. 22. (Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Kennedy told CNN he was in “complete disbelief” after learning “Santa B” wanted to pay off all the layaway accounts at his Bedford County location.

“It was definitely a great gesture. I was completely shocked,” he said.

This year, shoppers have a Dec. 12 deadline to pay and pick up their layaway items. Any items not paid in full or claimed by then will be refunded.

On Dec. 7, a cheque to the sum of US$42,265.59 was delivered to Kennedy’s store.

Nearly 200 customers received phone calls from the retail giant informing them they could come pick up their items in time for the holidays.

Pamela Foor told The Associated Press she received one of those calls.

“Some people really needed that this Christmas and I'm just grateful and thankful that they can do that,” she said.

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