12/11/2016 05:14 EST | Updated 12/12/2016 10:43 EST

'SNL' Imagines The World Through Donald Trump's Eyes

Another Saturday night, another hilarious roast of Donald Trump.

This week, "Saturday Night Live" imagined the world through president-elect Trump's eyes. He was portrayed — comically massive hands and all — by professional wrestler John Cena.

In the sketch, Trump wakes up in his ritzy Manattan penthouse, where the television shows a Fox News anchor saying, "Huge, huge success. Fantastic. Victory. Landslide." The front page of the New York Times, however, reads "False report, biased," and "Lies, lies, lies."

His eyes lose focus when Beck Bennett, playing vice president-elect Mike Pence, says "Other people. Other people not Trump."

The show has become somewhat of a sore spot for Trump, who has complained it is "biased" and "not funny" numerous times.

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