12/12/2016 06:23 EST | Updated 12/12/2016 08:25 EST

John Barlow's Christmas Poem Pokes Fun At Liberals' Carbon Tax Plan

A Conservative MP has taken a page from a Liberal colleague by poking fun at the government with a politically charged rewrite of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

Alberta’s John Barlow rose in the House of Commons before question period Monday to recite a so-called “Conservative Christmas poem.”

Barlow’s rhymes mostly focused on the Trudeau government’s plans to impose a national carbon tax and deficit spending.

john barlow

John Barlow smiles in the House of Commons on Dec. 12, 2016.

“Now (Stephen) Harper has retired, they have no one to blame,” Barlow said. “As their tax and spend scheme goes up in flames.”

Barlow charged that “UN seats and selfies” are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s goal, while “neglecting good-paying jobs like mining of coal.”

The backbencher promised the 2019 election will be one for the books, as the “Liberals won’t win on their leader’s good looks.”

And though an election may seem far away, he promised that before long Conservative voices will cheer.

“As we celebrate with family over a sweet victory beer,” he said.

A Liberal holiday tradition

Veteran Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner recited similar poems in the House in recent years, skewering the former Tory government over things such as the Senate expense scandal.

Last year, Cuzner had Liberals howling with a poem celebrating their party's return to government.

Cuzner told The Huffington Post Canada that Barlow did a great job this year.

"He's an excellent member of Parliament and we've got a bit of a friendship so he told me he was coming with something today," Cuzner said. "We had a good giggle at it."

Barlow’s full poem:

'Twas the weeks before Christmas, and the Liberals were spinning the max,

Trekking across Canada promoting their carbon tax;

Families and industries cried out in fear,

Knowing the carbon tax was looming oh so near;

With job losses growing, and unemployment rates high,

The Liberals seem oblivious, their heads in the sky;

Now Harper has retired they have no one to blame,

As their tax and spend scheme goes up in flames;

UN seats and selfies are the prime minister's goal,

While neglecting good-paying jobs like mining of coal;

The surplus we left them has gone in a flash,

The trees in Liberal ridings must be growing with cash;

Paying off their deficit will be no easy job,

Hardworking Canadians are the ones they will rob;

Deficits and tax hikes are the Liberal way,

But fear not, soon Canadians will have their say;

Election '19 will be one for the books,

The Liberals won't win on their leader's good looks;

Conservative voices will ring out with cheer,

As we celebrate with family over a sweet victory beer.

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