Researchers Find Link Between Having Sex And Better Memory

Forget hitting the books, it's time to hit the sheets.

Superfoods aren't the only things that can help boost your brain power.

According to researchers at McGill University, women who frequently enjoy penetrative sex also have better word recollection than women who have sex less often.

The study, which surveyed 78 women between the ages of 18 and 29 on their sexual behaviour, also required the women to memorize random words and images presented to them on a computer. The participants were then shown a mix of old and new images and words and were asked to identify which ones they had previously seen.

The results showed a connection between frequent penile-vaginal sex and word memory. But there was no connection between facial recognition and frequent sex, leading the neurologists to believe penetrative sex stimulates part of the brain associated with word memory.

While the study specifically looked at short term memory, co-author Jens Pruessner has stated he believes long-term memory would show similar effects.

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