12/12/2016 11:00 EST

'Star Wars' Gift Guide: These *Are* The Christmas Presents You're Looking For

A long time ago under a Christmas tree far, far away, there were no "Star Wars" presents to be opened.

Well, those dark times are long gone and thanks to Disney's cinematic revival — first with last year's "The Force Awakens" and now with "Rogue One," LucasFilm's first "A Stars Wars Story" spin-off — the licensed merch is even more prevalent than back in the early 1980s when everyone had that giant Darth Vader head to carry our action figures around in.

But there is almost too much to choose from so before you cross over to the dark side in frustration, we've used the force to round up the coolest "Star Wars"-themed gift ideas for growns-ups, kids and those of us who fall somewhere in between.

Oh, and also dogs.

Star Wars Gift Guide