12/13/2016 04:13 EST

These Ridiculously Canadian Stories Made 2016 Suck A Little Less


We don't have to remind you that 2016 has been, at the very least, a sprawling ocean of dung.

From atrocities committed around the globe to political upheavals to the loss of cultural icons, the year has repeatedly kicked us in the shins and spat in our face.

Thankfully, Canada continued being Canada, and the stories it churned out made the year suck a little less.

Just a sample of the insanely Canadian moments this fine country produced in 2016. (Photo: Salthaven West/CBC Calgary/Twitter)

Take the story of the P.E.I police officer who joked he would use Nickelback's music to punish drunk drivers. It was already an ultra-Canadian premise to begin with.

But then he apologized. To Nickelback. Because he felt he offended the band and their music. The story had somehow become even more Canadian, and that made the year's stinging venom a bit more tolerable.

Check out the video above for more uber-Canadian stories that plucked a few fangs out of the demon we call 2016.

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