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C-Section Photos Prove The Parent-Baby Bond Is Real

Even though C-section births are on the rise, the stigma remains.

Women who give birth via caesarean often have to endure comments like "you didn't really give birth" and "real moms push." While these words are hurtful, untrue and really not helpful, C-section moms and dads can rest assured that the bond with their baby is just as strong.

Just take a look at these incredible birth photos of the moment parents met their babies.

"Our sweet baby waited patiently while we figured it out and exhausted every option. She was so strong and endured everything with me."

We welcomed our fiercely strong little GIRL into the world yesterday at 4:24pm. After over 100 hours of labor... never have I fought so hard for anything like I have to become a mother. Went into labor last Tuesday night. Had contractions 4 minutes apart for nearly 12 hours. Water finally broke on its own Wednesday night at 9:30pm thought that was our golden ticket for things to start picking up... continued laboring at home for another 2 days. Dragging myself up and down the stairs, lunging and doing anything to get this lady moving. Despite all my efforts I wasn't dilating. So we decided to transfer to a place in New Jersey that would still give me the opportunity to have the vaginal birth I was praying for. As soon as we got in the car contractions picked up and were 3 minutes apart lasting a full minute the entire 45 minute drive. Hopes were still high. Was examined again still with no change. So we added the dreaded pitocin. Labored for 24 hours while wildly contracting, squatting and walking back and forth in the halls. Trying to do whatever I could to get this baby moving. Despite all my efforts she wasn't descending. So I decided to have an epidural to see if laboring down would give my body the opportunity it needed to open up the remaining centimeters to bring our baby earth side. For whatever reason the epidural didn't work. So I labored in tears on my back in a bed with a failed epidural. After 4 hours the midwife called the curtains and said I needed to have a c-section. I didn't even cry. They explained how they were going to give me a gentle c-section and I could watch as well as have skin to skin right away. In addition my Midwife's, doula and my husband could all come in the surgery with me. Once they rolled me into the operating room tears streamed down my face. I watched in amazement as they pulled our daughter from my belly. It was then we realized why our tiny human had such a hard time finding her way. Her umbilical cord was incredibly short and wouldn't allow her to drop against my cervix. Our sweet baby waited patiently while we figured it out and exhausted every option. She was so strong and endured everything with me.

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"Things don't always go as expected but then again that's parenthood."

Things don't always go as expected but then again that's parenthood .... blessed to have been able to witness the birth of such a handsome and ver much loved baby boy..... @jjhpost isn't only my colleague but also a great friend and I just know that God gave her and her husband Jeremy the gift of being parent to this amazing strong baby boy because he knows the goodness in their hearts and desire to raise a little strong person..... thank you so much for allowing to capture this for you!!! ..... If your expecting and would like info on our Birth photo and video package please let me know ..... #dfwvideographer #birthvideo #birthstory #birthphotographer #fortworthphotographer #fortworthphotographer #dallasvideographer #dallasphotography #dallasbirth #texasbaby #momlife #dfwmom #motherhood #parenthood #csectionbirth #dfwbaby #babystory #instamom #instababy

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"The look on Justine's face as she watched her husband hold their child for the first time brought tears to my eyes."

"Meeting her biggest brother."

"Never doubt a mother's love."

"As you can see in these images -- this is the Purest Love there is."

Salomé Coetzee Photography Shot my First C Section on Tuesday.... Salomé Coetzee Photography This was the Most breathtaking experience of my Career! Having had 2 C Sections myself with my two boys, knowing how emotional it is... this was by far the best experience. Going into Theater , I was a bit nervous, as this was my first time being on the other side, but as soon as that baby came into the world and you could hear her first cry, I started bawling my eyes out. That is still the best sound in the World! As you can see in these images - This is the Purest Love there is. The way Phillip looked at Chantéll, knowing that now they are no longer two, but 3, he only had eyes for those two girls. Congratulations to all Granmammas, Grandads, Uncle's and Aunts! Thank you Chantéll and Phillip for allowing me to share in this wonderful miracle. I am still on a High! Treasure each moment with Miané, as they grow up too fast! It's a Blessing. See you soon for the Newborn Shoot! PS: If anyone is interested in booking your Birth, Contact me, I have different Packages - I want to do more! #birthphotography #birth #birthphotographer #brandnewbaby #csectionbirth #birthphotos #salomecoetzeephotography #bestexperienceever #emotional #breathtaking

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"They say a women becomes a mother when she finds out she is pregnant and that a man becomes a father when he sees his baby for the first time."

"Ellestasiya Coraline Byrne arrived via c-section."

"Baby Hugo is a dream."

"A mother met her son today and I got to capture it."

"The first moment we met!!"

The first moment we met!! 🎉My big boy is 8!!🎉 #hbd #birthday #babyboy #happymama #lifechangingmoment #csectionbirth

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"Jaxson's birth."

"No matter how your children enter this world, motherhood is a dream."

"Being a c-section momma myself it was quite the honour to capture this beautiful moment for this momma!"

"This immediate skin to skin nursing is just amazing!!"

Me hubiese encantado haber podido contar con una de éstas durante mis dos cesáreas. "Clear curtain" o cortina transparente permite a la madre captar el momento en el que su bebito nace. Un paso más hacia la cesárea gentil o humanizada. Esperemos pronto pueda implementarse en todos los centros de salud del mundo. La imagen nos muestra un ejemplo también de como se puede establecer el apego precoz en caso de cesárea. @Regrann from @thebirthhour - Another example of a beautiful gentle cesarean. Clear curtain so mom can put her eyes on baby as soon as possible and immediate breastfeeding. Speak up mamas, let's make this the norm. #KnowYourOptions #Repost @inthecaulbirth ・・・ Absolutely incredible cesarean!!! This is one way to have a gentle cesarean. The mom and dad are involved with the birth of their baby, able to watch her come forth from the womb. Not everyone will want to do this because of how much more graphic the birth can be, but if you have a cs and you want to watch, ask your doctor and nurses how they can make that happen for you. ALSO this immediate skin to skin nursing is just amazing!! 💖🙌🏼💖 Photo cred 📷: Bonnie Hussey #gentlecesarean #gentlecs #cesarean #cesareanwithoutfear #birth #skintoskin #breastfeeding #birthphotography #csection #csectionbirth #womb #Regrann

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Anneyle ilk karsilasma🙏🏼❤️ #MerveCelik #dogumfotografcısı #csectionbirth #sezeryan #birthphotography #doğumfotoğrafı #BabyTalis

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"When I first fell in love with her."

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