12/14/2016 12:55 EST | Updated 01/11/2017 02:58 EST

Financial Planning Doesn't Have To Be Complicated If You Remember To Pay Yourself First

Money in the bank!

When you've found yourself paying off debt, saving might seem impossible considering all the bills and creditors nipping at your finances.

Jeffrey Schwartz would urge you to consider otherwise.

The financial expert says it's possible to achieve both with a little rethinking. For starters, rather than seeing savings as a restraint, look at it as a plan to freedom. Begin the day with paying yourself first — even if it's the loose change in your pockets — because every little bit helps.

The idea is to start small, so small you won't even notice the money's gone. Once you've built up enough, it may be tempting to reward yourself with an impulse purchase but you're only halfway towards financial freedom, according to Schwartz.

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