12/14/2016 11:42 EST

Men With Beards Make Better Long-Term Boyfriends, According To Science

"Beards may signal men's age and masculine social dominance."

All the single ladies, come through: We've got some crucial scientific facts you may be interested in!

If you're currently on a quest for love, a great starting point is narrowing down your search to only guys with beards, because according to science, facial hair screams testosterone and testosterone equals ~maturity~ (again, this according to science), and maturity is obviously marriage material.

These scientific tips come from the Journal of Evolutionary Biology and their new study entitled"The masculinity paradox: facial masculinity and beardedness interact to determine women's ratings of men's facial attractiveness," led by Barnaby Dixson, who indeed has a beard.

The study suggests "beardedness may be attractive when judging long-term relationships as a signal of intrasexual formidability and the potential to provide direct benefits to females."

This translates to: dudes with furry stuff on their face are more likely to be better boyfriends.

Researches asked 8,520 women, aged 18 to 100, to rate photos of men (with and without facial hair) on physical attractiveness and on a spectrum of "relationship longevity." And believe it or not, out of those women, 8,520 of them (yes, all of them) preferred men with facial hair.

"Bearded men are rated as older, more masculine, more socially dominant and aggressive looking than clean-shaven men," the study says.

Ok, but what about all those clean-shaven fellas?

Answer: science says they fall short of relationship material and are limited to short-term dalliances (read: one-night stands).

But before you go demanding your significant other grow a mountain man beard immediately, the study notes "light and heavy stubble faces were more attractive than either full beards and clean-shaven faces."

So what they're saying is basically find a man who looks like one of these two:

Challenge accepted.

And just in time for the holidays, please enjoy the slideshow below of Christmas-themed beards. You're welcome.

Photo gallery Christmas Beards See Gallery

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