12/15/2016 11:54 EST

Car-Licking Moose Are On The Hunt For Some Salt, Alberta Parks Warns

They're coming for your car's salt.

KANANASKIS, Alta. — Watch out for moose who like to lick vehicles.

That's a warning from the Alberta government for people visiting Peter Lougheed Provincial Park about 130 kilometres southeast of Calgary.

Alberta Parks says moose are on the trails at Chester Lake and Burnstall Pass and are coming into the trailhead parking lots to lick salt off the sides of vehicles.

They await in the shadows, plotting the inevitable tongue-tussle with the side of your car. (Photo: Getty Stock)

The government advises people to sound their horn to try to get the salt-lickers away from their vehicles.

It also warns to not try to push a moose away from the vehicle.

Moose in Canada can weigh on average between 750 to 926 pounds in adult females and 992 to 1,102 pounds in adult males, on average.

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