12/19/2016 03:30 EST

Beauty Heroes Of 2016: The Makeup Gurus Who Inspired Us All

Each one of them redefined the meaning of beauty in gorgeous ways this year.

We may be done with 2016, but let's not forget the year did bring some inspirational moments, too — especially in the beauty department.

The world was introduced to talented boundary-breakers who fearlessly expressed themselves through the power of makeup.

These artists broke down society's traditional standards of perfection and redefined what it means to be beautiful, all with the flick of a mascara brush.

CoverGirl proved makeup is for all of us, naming Nura Afia the first face of the brand to wear a hijab and James Charles as the first male ambassador.

Marimar Quiroa, a vlogger born with a facial tumour and burn survivor Shalom Nchom both taught us how makeup can be one of the greatest tools of empowerment.

And first African-American transgender model Tracey Norman made her return to the spotlight with Clairol after 40 Years.

Check out the video above to see the beauty heroes who inspired us all in 2016!

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