12/20/2016 07:17 EST | Updated 12/21/2016 09:28 EST

Trudeau's Christmas-Themed Dad Joke Is Unbearably Lame

Justin Trudeau may run a country, find himself on "Sexiest Men Alive" lists and even be bros with Barack Obama — but he's still just a lame dad.

Canada's prime minister proved that during a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, by cracking a facepalm-inducing dad joke that may even out-dad joke Obama.


Justin Trudeau attends at a Christmas market in Toronto in December. (Photo: Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

Trudeau explained he regularly tells his kids unfunny jokes, citing a theory that it helps them realize their parents aren't too "powerful" or "perfect."

So MAYBE he has a point, but should his incredibly lame joke be forgiven?

Watch groan-worthy joke in the video above and decide for yourself.

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