12/21/2016 06:39 EST

Confidence Isn't Cockiness. Here's How To Tell The Difference

You don't need to fake perfection.

A lack of confidence can be a crippling problem for an individual, but too much confidence can be a burden on many.

This can be especially true at work, where egos can get in the way of productivity.

The line between confidence and cockiness can be a tough one to navigate, but for Stacey McKenzie, the difference is clear.

For the international top model, big giveaways lie in how people act when faced with weakness or confidence — their own or others'. Oh, and pay attention to how people talk and less about what they say.

For more on what McKenzie means by that, give the video above a view.

How do you determine if someone is cocky or wether they're confident? Let us know in the comments below.

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