12/21/2016 07:20 EST | Updated 12/22/2016 01:07 EST

B.C. Whale-Watching Boat Steers Swimming Deer Away From Killer Whales

The buck was heading straight toward four orcas.

A whale-watching guide steered a swimming deer away from a precarious situation off B.C.'s coast on Sunday.

Skipper Mark Malleson was leading a whale-watching tour when he spotted a pair of antlers poking out of the ocean near Vancouver Island's East Sooke Park.

The deer was heading straight for a pod of four orcas.

Malleson manoeuvred his boat to the the buck, steering it toward the shore and out of danger.

The tour company, Prince of Whales, wrote on Facebook that in Alaska and northern B.C. orcas are sometimes known to prey on swimming deer and moose.

Watch a video of the encounter above.

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