12/22/2016 11:15 EST

Albertan Takes Zamboni To Tim Hortons Drive-Thru BECAUSE CANADA

This is basically a heritage moment.

It's not the fact that Jesse Myshak took a Zamboni to a Tim Hortons that makes this story unbearably Canadian, no.

It's the reaction he received.

When the 34-year-old took the ice-surfacing vehicle to a Stony Plain, Alta. Tim Hortons on Tuesday, he said the staff was so excited they poked their heads out the drive-thru window, according to Global News.

An Instagram user spotted Myshak on his Zamboni. (Photo: aim4apex/Instagram)

Myshak told the network the employees were "all smiling and telling me this is the best thing they’ve ever seen." He said the driver in front of him even paid for his hot chocolate.

That's not even the end of it. The father of three told CBC News people were running outside the store as he arrived to take photos of his majestic entrance.

Myshak's hot chocolate quest began after he left his shop, where he was working on the newly-acquired Zamboni. He had to drive it home, where it was destined for his (and his children's) backyard ice rink.

His colleagues at work joked he should stop by a Tim Hortons on the way, so he did.

Myshak told CBC News he got lucky, since he wasn't sure how police would react to his little trip.

Could you imagine if a Mountie had been photographed with him? We're pretty sure our computers would explode from peak Canadiana.

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