12/22/2016 02:06 EST

Helen Mirren Says It Would Be 'Wonderful' If Not Wearing Makeup Became Fashionable

She's over being "sexy."

Dame Helen Mirren is 71-years-old.

We'll let that sink in for a second.

There's no doubt the British actress looks absolutely incredible time after time, and she doesn't need makeup to embrace her beauty.

In an interview with BBC, the "Collateral Beauty" star admitted it would be "wonderful" if it became more fashionable not to wear make-up.

"Things are always cyclical, so I suspect we might've reached saturation with the whole selfie thing and maybe we're moving in another direction," the Oscar-winning actress said.

But alas, even Helen can't escape the selfie trend. She recently joined Instagram and has shared a few cheeky shots of herself.

"It would be great if we are, without being puritanical, because I love makeup, dressing up, so I don't want to be, 'Oh we've all got to go without make-up.'"

Recently, Mirren appeared without makeup in the 2017 Pirelli Calendar alongside Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong'o. This year's edition of the calendar conveyed "personality, sensitivity and the guts to be yourself,” rather than putting sexuality on full display like earlier editions of the calendar.

Mirren's fans are embracing her natural look and they're continuing to call her a sex symbol, a term she just doesn't like.

"Sex is about having sexual intercourse isn’t it? There should be another word, I think 'damn fine' is rather good," she told BBC Radio Four Front Row. "Sexy I don’t like because I am over that."

Well, your wish is our command, Helen.

You're damn fine.

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