Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Da Mao Demolishes Giant Snowman

Don't worry, Da Mao doesn't get hurt easily.

While most Canadians are looking for ways to avoid the snow, Toronto Zoo resident Da Mao is making headlines by playing in it.

A video of the eight-year-old giant panda climbing a giant snowman has gone viral. And while you might think the battle is one-sided, it really isn't.

The snowman, which was made by zoo keepers, actually gets in a good head-butt right before the one minute mark. But don't worry, Da Mao doesn't get hurt easily, before you know it he's back to smashing apart the massive figure.

This isn't the first the first time Da Mao has delighted audiences playing in the snow. In 2014, the zoo released a video of the giant panda tossing himself down a snowy bank.

This is one of the last winters Da Mao will spend in Toronto. In 2018, he is scheduled to move to the Calgary Zoo with female panda Er Shun and their twin cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue.

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