12/22/2016 12:58 EST | Updated 12/23/2017 00:12 EST

Safety investigators review two aircraft on same Calgary airport runway

CALGARY — Safety investigators are reviewing a close call involving two aircraft that were on the same runway at Calgary International Airport.

The Transportation Safety Board says the runway incursion happened on Dec. 2.

The board says an Air Canada Airbus A320 was rolling along at about 185 kilometres per hour on take off when its crew noticed a Sunwest Aviation cargo plane crossing its path.

The Air Canada jet took off safely, but investigators say the planes should not have been on the same runway and they want to determine what went wrong.

The TSB says the Air Canada jet had been cleared for takeoff and the Sunwest turboprop had been cleared to cross the runway. 

The problem of runway incursions is on the TSB's watchlist of 10 key safety issues that need to be addressed in Canada.

"In this circumstance you are not allowed to be on an active runway when an aircraft is departing," Gerrit Vermeer, the investigator in charge, said Thursday.

The TSB website says there were 416 runway incursions in Canada last year, including six serious cases.