12/23/2016 01:59 EST

Chris Pratt Dad: Actor Makes Huge Donation In Honour Of Late Father

Chris Pratt may not have taken time to mourn his dad, who passed away in 2014 of multiple sclerosis, but he is finding beautiful ways to pay tribute to him.

On Friday, Pratt revealed on Facebook that he donated half a million dollars to the Dan Pratt Memorial Teen Center in his hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington.

In his post, Pratt talks about what kind of father he had.

"I was raised by one of the toughest SOBs on the planet. Dan Pratt made me who I am. He was a funny, thick skinned, hard working man who commanded respect for authority. My dad coached me and so many other kids in Lake Stevens in every sport and was a pillar of his community. He affected a lot of young men. Ask anyone who knew him, he was a certified bad ass. And now his memorial teen center will help keep kids out of trouble for many years to come. His legacy will live on."

Pratt also hopes this donation will encourage others to give back to their communities and help bring Americans together again after the election.

"We are not our government. We are not what those folks on TV say we are. We are our Boys and Girls Clubs, our rotary clubs, our senior centers, our youth sports leagues, made up of volunteers, Americans; altruistic people investing time into our greatest asset, our children. We're just as strong as our will to give back to the community. We always will be. So get strong. It feels good. Be the instrument God uses to bless your community."

In an interview with GQ, Pratt mentioned that he still has a compass his dad gave him, which he takes hunting: "It’s really like a symbol for who he was in my life. He’ll always be there to guide me."

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