12/28/2016 12:51 EST

Cinnabon Criticized For Carrie Fisher 'Best Buns' Tribute Tweet

Cinnabon’s treats usually send people into sugar comas, but some didn’t find one of its recent tweets all that sweet.

The brand tweeted a tribute to “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher after she died Tuesday with a design of Princess Leia made from cinnamon. Her famous buns were depicted with a cinnamon roll.

“RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy,” the tweet read.

The tweet was deleted but captured by FOX 5 DC reporter Jim Lokay, who said he thought it should win an award for the most tasteless brand reaction to a celebrity death.

And many other Twitter users agreed.

“if they have a HR department, they need to have the tweeter go to sensitivity training TODAY! it's too soon & nt clever,” wrote a user named Be Awkward, it's Ok!.

“Wow @Cinnabon. You guys really thought this was the time for product placement? Tasteless. Like your rolls,” tweeted Kara McLeod.

The brand later apologized, saying it didn’t mean to be insulting.

But this wasn't the first time it shared the image, albeit with a different caption.

"Here’s to the princess with the second-best rolls in the galaxy. #MayThe4thBeWithYou," Cinnabon tweeted on May 4, unofficially known as Star Wars Day.

But others thought Tweeters angry about the most recent tribute needed to calm down.

“People are too sensitive these days,” tweeted Shanna S.

“Someone obviously thought enough of her to take the time to draw her in flour...probably a huge fan,” tweeted Sofari Haze.

And some even speculated that Fisher, who never took anything too seriously, would have loved it.

“Carrie Fisher had a sense of humor unlike the trolls of Twitter,” tweeted Del Williams.

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