12/28/2016 04:06 EST

Hatchimals Canada: Parents Have Serious Regrets After Some Toys Malfunction

The ultimate Christmas toy fail this year.

Some parents are having serious Hatchimal regret now that the Christmas season is over.

Despite being the “it” toy of 2016, faulty Hatchimals left many kids disappointed when they didn’t hatch on Christmas morning.

CBC reports that Spin Master, the Toronto-based company that makes the toy, has been receiving complaints from parents around the world.

One Ohio mom, Denise Dodson, even started a Facebook group for parents with malfunctioning Hatchimals. The group “Dead Hatchimal Owners United!” has nearly 2,000 members now.

Since Christmas Day, Spin Master has been encouraging parents with faulty Hatchimals to contact them. On Wednesday, the Canadian toy company also issued a statement on their Facebook page.

“We are 100% committed to bringing the magic of Hatchimals to all of our consumers,” it read. “To ensure all queries receive a timely response, we have increased the number of Consumer Care representatives, extended our hours, and increased the capacity for callers in the queue to help prevent calls dropped due to the holiday volume.”

“We are committed to doing everything possible to resolve any consumer issues,” it continued. “We sincerely apologize and thank everyone who is experiencing an issue for their patience.”

Watch the video above to hear more.

Hatchimals were already sold out everywhere by the beginning of November. As a result, parents turned to Amazon and eBay where the toy — which originally retailed between $60 and $90 —was being sold for upwards of $2,600. Sadly, it doesn't look like the toy's high cost was worth it.

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