12/29/2016 04:39 EST | Updated 12/30/2016 05:27 EST

Crazy Lobster Contest Shows The Insane Crustaceans Pulled Out Of Nova Scotia Waters

To some they look like gross, giant sea insects, but for many living on Canada's East Coast lobsters are beautiful creatures — even the most ugly ones.

That's why a car dealership's crazy crustacean Facebook contest has taken off, with thousands of votes being cast for the most unique and memorable lobsters caught in the waters surrounding Nova Scotia.

"Catching any four-eyed three-clawed polk-a-dotted lobsters this season?" asks Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington's "Craziest Lobster Contest."

Weirdly enough, plenty of fishermen have.


Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Colin Lyons/Facebook)

More than 170 photos have been submitted so far, including:

Two-toned lobsters

two toned lobster

Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Jeremy Thorburn /Facebook)

Blue two-toned lobsters

two toned blue lobster

Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Mathieu Gallant/Facebook)

Lobsters with claws growing on their claws

crazy claw lobster

Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Sonya Elliott/Facebook)

And electric blue lobsters

blue lobster

Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Lewis Ross/Facebook)

But it's this gorgeous rainbow-hued lobster that's currently leading the votes tally, with more than 1,200 "Likes."

rainbow lobster

Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington (Photo: Chad Graham/Facebook)

"When we first launched it, we were getting maybe five or six a day and it has just grown. It's almost hard to keep up," marketing manager Billy Mole told The Canadian Press. "We're probably getting 20 lobsters a day on average."

Mole says the contest was started as a way to connect with the local lobster fishing community — an important part of the dealership's clientele.

The person's photo with the most likes at the end of this month will win a $500 gift card to a local business of their choice.

Check out all the wild (and lovable) lobsters on the dealership's Facebook page.

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