12/29/2016 03:50 EST

Dear World, This Is How Canada Deals With Winter Weather

A little ice and snow doesn't scare us.

Freezing rain turned some Ontario roads into skating rinks on Boxing Day. So Canadians did what they always do — they embraced the winter weather.

Residents left their homes bundled in winter coats, mittens and hats, but ditched the boots for ice skates. They glided through residential streets showing off their skills.

One Peterborough resident had to visit his neighbour, so he simply slid across the road. Others went out for leisurely strolls on skates. And yes, there was hockey.

The world was fascinated with Ontario's reaction to icy roads, likely because their reaction is to stay indoors. Videos of Canadians skating in the streets made international headlines.

Watch Canadians strut their skills in the video above.

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