12/30/2016 09:18 EST

Firefighters Brave The Ice To Rescue Dog From Lake Michigan

The dog fell through the ice on Lake Michigan.

A little ice couldn't stop rescue workers in Michigan from saving a dog stuck in a frozen lake on Wednesday.

The job had its risks, but White Lake Fire Authority Chief Gregory Holman said it was worth it.

“When looking at an ice rescue situation involving animals — if it’s a deer, we’re probably not going to endanger our staff and put them on the ice,” Holman told WZZM News. “For a family pet like a dog we’ll do our best to rescue them.”

Firefighters used a safety rope to rescue the dog, who fell inside Lake Michigan about 90 metres from the shore, according to a Facebook post by the fire authority.

The exhausted and drenched dog was carried to shore and then treated at an animal control centre.

All ended well — the dog is now back with its family.

Watch the video above to see how it all happened.

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