01/03/2017 05:04 EST

Hipster Parenting Trend Ditches The Term 'Dad' For 'Papa'

The term "dad" is out, and "papa" is in! According to the Daily Beast, a number of hipster dads in Brooklyn, New York, are ditching the traditional name in favour of "papa" because the term reflects their progressive and open-minded worldview.

Explaining this phenomenon, dad Justin Underwood told the site: “There’s no excitement to [the word dad], and I feel like the word papa nowadays has so many meanings. We live in an age when fathers are more in touch with their feminine sides and are all right with playing dress-up and putting on makeup with their daughters.”

Interestingly, some fathers also prefer "papa" to "dad" because it separates them from the previous generation of parents.

To hear more on this hipster parenting trend, watch the video above.

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