01/03/2017 07:47 EST

Wendy's Serves Up A Takedown Of A Twitter Troll

Wendy's takes its never-frozen beef very seriously.

Wendy's got into some beef over its beef.

The fast-food chain boasted about their never-frozen burger patties on Twitter last week. "Always fresh, never frozen" beef has been a source of pride for the chain for some time now, so when one Twitter user suggested it was a hoax they simply couldn't let it go.

The troll, with the username Thuggy-D wrote: "Your beef is frozen and we all know it." He then suggested it's impossible to transport raw, unfrozen meat on a truck without it going bad.

Wendy's had a response, and the response (probably coupled with angry tweets from loyal Wendy's supporters) led to Thuggy-D deactivating his Twitter account.

That'll do, Wendy's. That'll do.

Watch the video above for more on the Twitter feud.

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