01/04/2017 11:47 EST

Baby Names 2017: 'Poshest Names' Of The Year Are Pretty Bizarre

Wigbert? Koala? Debonaire?

It’s only day four of 2017, but baby name predictions are already coming in strong. According to U.K.’s Tatler magazine, parents should get ready for posh baby names to make a comeback.

To inspire its readers and help this trend come to fruition, the high-end magazine compiled a list of 52 boy and girl names they consider “the poshest names known to man.” While Tatler claims these monikers are “centuries old” and “the real deal,” we have to admit, they’re pretty bizarre.

Among the most outstanding suggestions for boys are Uxorious, Hickman and Wigbert. As for girls, there’s Alfreda, Debonaire and Koala (yes, you read that right).

While these monikers are incredibly bold, the magazine is correct in saying that they date far back into history. Alfreda, for instance, is the feminine form of Alfred and dates back to the 9th century, according to Behind the Name. The name means “elf counsel.”

Similarly, the name Wigbert can be traced back to the 5th century, according to Baby Names Pedia. The name is of Germanic origin and means “bright or famous warrior.”

Other eyebrow-raising names from Tatler include Figgy, Hum and Yellow for girls, and Yak, Victory and Npeter (pronounced with a silent “n”) for boys.

While many of these choices seem peculiar, the magazine did come up with some unique picks that are both charming and elegant without being over the top. These include Estonia and Queenie for girls, and Aubyn and Gustav for boys.

Visit Tatler magazine to see their full list of posh baby names for 2017.

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