01/04/2017 03:56 EST

Chokers For Men Is Happening And The Internet Can't Handle It

New year, new possibilities. That's what they say, right? Right!

The Internet had its first real freak out of 2017 when people found out a new fashion trend was peeking around the corner waiting to be noticed. And notice we did.

Citizens of the world, meet the choker for men.

asos choker for men

Our favourite online retailer ASOS made it happen. It started selling chokers for dudes like it was no big deal. And we're not just talking about your plain old black shoelace type of choker, we're talking about velvet chokers, braided leather chokers, burnished silver chokers and even bandana chokers (which, wouldn't that just be considered a bandana? Eh, that's a whole other investigation).

For many ladies, chokers are an essential part of their wardrobes thanks to its rise in popularity last year. Seriously, how many times did we all read that chokers were ~the trend of the year~.

So while the Internet took to Twitter to share their thoughts and concerns about the male choker, one man, albeit unexpected, revealed he's one big choker fan.

Enter the "Today Show's" Matt Lauer.

matt lauer choker

Yes, that's him wearing a choker on national television.

And everyone had feelings about it:

And the heat turned up when Lauer said ASOS was "late to the game" with their male choker trend.

“Because guys, I have been wearing a choker for years. I’m not kidding. For years," Lauer claimed.

Oh, really, Matt?


The '90s called — they said you look great, Matt.

Now, before everyone freaks out a little more and calls for the death of this trend, let's all take a breather for a quick second and think about this.

Chokers for dudes is kind of great. And here's why: fashion is for everyone.

"Let us not allow 2016 and its unfortunate series of events mislead us into believing that equality is exclusionary, that it works for one group but not another and only at opportune times. Remember: equal is equal is equal and that includes everyone at all times," David Yi of Allure wrote in defence of the male choker.

And Matt was right. Many men walked this planet before him flaunting the totally cool trend, pulling it off effortlessly. Lets take a look:

David Bowie wore one

david bowie santa monica civic auditorium

You bet Jordan Catalano from "My So-Called Life" wore one, too

Yup, Ryan Atwood from "The O.C." wore one, as well

Harry Styles wore one... multiple times!

Gosh, even Patrick from "Spongebob Square Pants" wore one!

So listen up, Internet: stop hating on the male choker. Embrace it. We can all wear whatever we want.

asos male choker

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